February 2002 Prayer Blog

Date: 02/26/2002

"Please, can I play daddy's game?" Joshua, asking to use Mike's Arabic language learning computer program.

Josh has listened and watched enough that he gets over 70% correct on the first lesson when listening to the words and matching them to the correct photo. I, Mike, have been using this program for four weeks. I am able to get 100% correct in tests over the first five lessons. I am getting in an average of five hours per week of study time. Pray for Josh and me that we would both become fluent in Arabic.

Date: 02/19/2002

"Our guards did just what I told them to do, almost." Mike, after armed robbers came to our mission station last Tuesday.

They were armed with at least one pistol and one machine gun. Praise God that these men were not able to get past our gate. As the country is passing through economic difficulties, crime is on the increase. Pray that we would use common sense to avoid situations that could put us in danger. Pray that God would continue to build a hedge of protection around us.

Date: 02/12/2002

"I am soliciting your help... I really need it!" Jim Sawatsky, requesting that all Christian Radio Stations in Africa help him to gather information about music and programs.

Jim said, "The greatest need that I saw while traveling this time across Africa was good French programming for Africa and good African Christian music. In most of our stations (and budding stations) there is a dearth of both."

Pray that this database of Christian African content would come together smoothly, to the glory of God for the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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