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"I just wanted to let you know that I am, indeed, praying for you and your family. Mike, it was so freeing when you encouraged us at MissionsFest this Spring to read the email when it comes in, stop right then and pray, and then delete the email.

Somehow in my mind, I was making "praying for international workers" such an overwhelming task that I just couldn't bring myself to promise to do it at all.

I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to you, but I felt a need to express my appreciation to you and to let you know how God used you to get me started praying! I have been doing exactly that as soon as your emails come in. Thanks, again! Serving Him together, Janet."

Thank you Janet! Workers need intercessors more than admirers! To find prayer requests from other international workers, go to the International worker Locator.


"We are so grateful to our Lord for the great opportunity we have to pray for you and to share with you the Mission in this way." Children and teachers of a Sunday School in Spain.

Here are some summer 2002 prayer requests:

I, Mike, will be in the Middle East for two weeks of evangelism training. Sue will have her hands full with Joshua, John and teaching at ICA.

After our Field Prayer Conference in Bouake, I will entrust the Bouake Mission Station, radio ministry and guest house management over to another international worker couple. We will also be looking for a house in Abidjan, packing our stuff and moving.


"I have a photo of your family since 3 or 4 years." Silvana, a 19 year old in Ecuador. "Because I was in a missions group. I adopted your family for praying. It is the first time that I write you, but I hope that it isnít the last. I love you and Iím praying for you and your ministry in Africa."

Thank you Silvana! We thank God for each of our dear friends who pray for us. Workers need intercessors more than admirers! Prayer ABCs are some specific ways to pray for any international worker.


"I have very bad news Pastor." Philemon, lay pastor of Muslim Background Believers in Daloa.

Thieves arrived today at 4 a.m. and stole all of his supplies from his business. He is very discouraged. Pray that God would cause the bandits to be caught with everything. Pray that God would give us wisdom about what to do now.

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