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"I fly to Lebanon tomorrow." Mike in Abidjan, house shopping. Please pray that we would have wisdom about which house to rent. I found a clean and safe two bedroom town house today, but it is not in the neighborhood that we are hoping to live in. Pray for Sue and the boys as they hold the fort without me for the next three weeks. Pray for the classes in Islam that I will be taking in Lebanon. I will be in class from 8 am to 4 pm. Pray for me as I visit our dear Lebanese friends from Africa that are living again in Lebanon.


"I have more bad news pastor, Musa died on Friday." Philemon, pastor in Daloa to the Muslim background believers. Pray for Philemon as he will be having a memorial service for Musa this week. Musa is the first of our Muslim background believers to die since the church was started there in 1993. The compassion and help that the church gave him over the last nine years have been a powerful witness to Musa's huge network of Muslim friends and family.

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