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Good news from Abidjan. John is home! We just got home from picking him up in town. Thanks so much for your prayers for him and his classmates.

The other non-Ivorian people in Bouake, who wanted to evacuate, were given permission to leave this afternoon. They arrived in Yamoussoukro at about 4:30 PM GMT our time. They are so relieved. Now so many folks need to figure out what to do next: wait, leave to nearby countries or return to their passport country.


"I think Jesus said Yes." Joshua, when I told him to pray and ask Jesus, after he asked me if we could go see John in Bouake.

We appreciate your prayers for John and all his friends in Bouake. The city of more than 500,000 people is still under rebel control. It seems that the USA is sending troops to protect and maybe evacuate the students from ICA ( Pray for a resolution to this struggle. The water has been cut in most of town. Many people are running out of food and drinking water. Abidjan has been calm since Thursday afternoon. Pray that it would stay that way!

Continue to pray for the Golding family as they grieve the loss of Dave last Wednesday. We will all miss him. The student and staff at ICA held a memorial service for him Sunday afternoon. We were not able to attend, because of this military uprising that started on Thursday morning. All reports were that it was a very moving service with warm tributes from students, staff and family members.


We are having a very difficult 24 hours. Yesterday, Dave Golding, one of our fellow international workers experienced some kind of "health crisis", collapsed to the ground while jogging and died. He was the strongest and healthiest man I know. Pray for his family and all their friends, grieving this sudden loss.

Today, our country was awakened in the wee hours of the morning to an unclear military uprising. The only danger we are in is of falling bullets or mortars. Pray that we would have "the peace of God which surpasses all understanding." Phil. 4:7


"It never occurred to me to use the Internet as a prayer tool." A friend in Omaha. One of the best Prayer tools on the Internet is the International worker Locator found at the Web site.


"Thank you Daddy for letting me go to school." Joshua, after his first day of French Preschool.

Please pray for Joshua as he learns French. His class has less than five students. Pray also that we would have some good contacts here in the neighborhood through the school.


"Mike, our painter died Wednesday (Aug 28th). We buried him yesterday." Diallo, from our apartment rental agency.

I was so grateful for the few opportunities that I had to share the Good News of Jesus with Abasse while he was painting in our home. I had no idea that when he left on Friday, I would never have an occasion to talk to him again. He, like all the workers we have had here at the house the last few weeks, was very happy to receive a Gospel of Mark. Pray that we would be even more BOLD to share the Good News with folks we meet here in Abidjan.

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