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"Why don't you go back to USA, where you can make a lot of money?" Our taxi driver in Dakar, Senegal when he found out we could not return to Abidjan and were going instead to Bamako, Mali. I answered that the reason we are here in Africa was because there are so many people here who have never heard about how Jesus died to pay the debt for their sins, so they could have the gift of eternal life. Which is more valuable than any amount of money. Pray for Abu-bakr, that he would put his faith in Christ and receive the gift of eternal life.

Pray also for John as he settles into his new dorm in Dakar. Pray for Sue, Josh and I as we do our best to blend with and bless the Mali field and work with Lebanese here. I also plan to fly to Abidjan this week for a short visit to minister to the hurting Lebanese from Bouake waiting there for peace.

Check out the new link to our page at the Web site, http://cma.Farho.net. I can quickly post short updates there from cyber cafes. You may find info there, not yet found at our Web site or sent in our Weekly Prayer Blog.


We arrived here in Bamako, Mali on Friday. The war and unrest in Ivory Coast is still getting worse, so our field leaders would not allow Josh and Sue to return. All our women and children of international workers are to be out of the country by now.

We speak the Bambara language, so Mali is a natural place to be while waiting for things to settle down at home in Abidjan. We will be moving into an unused mission home on Monday or Tuesday. It has furniture and all, so we can get by for some time there. If we are going to finish our term here, we will try to find a home in a Lebanese neighborhood. We are still shocked to realize that we are refugees, having left all our work, friends and possessions in Abidjan.

I hope to return to Abidjan this week to minister to the hurting Lebanese from Bouake who are there. They have lost much more than we can imagine. Since they own factories and stores, some have lost millions of dollars.

The Mali international workers are most gracious, sharing what they have with us. We are so grateful for their love and generosity.


We will fly from Dakar to Abidjan tomorrow. We want to stay together as a family, so if it is not safe for Sue and Joshua in Abidjan, we will likely move to Bamako, Mali.


The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against travel to Côte d'Ivoire (RCi) at this time, and urges that Americans in the country depart. http://travel.state.gov October 19, 2002.

Please pray with us as we seek God's will about where to wait out this war. We do not feel the need to leave RCi, as this is an unprecedented time of openess to our ministry. Pray that God would work out a way for us to remain, or make it clear to us where He wants us to serve.

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"They even have a weight training class!" John, about Dakar Academy (DA). As you might have guessed, DA has John's mark of approval. We are grateful for the hard work of the staff from ICA to get everything setup for our kids to go to DA in Senegal. It is now the only country in West Africa that has not had a coup d'etat. Pray for our family as we fly there tomorrow, for a one week visit and to drop off John. Continue to pray for peace in Cote d'Ivoire.

Cease-fire talks broke off again today in Bouake. The UN tells us that over 200,000 refugees have fled the city of 500,000 people. They are delivering truck loads of food to the area. The Red Cross is helping meet health needs. Pastor Daniel Keita reports that he and many others don't have money to buy food.

On the other hand, yesterday, a Lebanese man drove back to Bouake to take up residence in his own home. He left his car at ICA, with the French soldiers, and rode a bike into town!


"Do they have a weight room?" John, as we evaluated Dakar Academy as an option for his education.

  • Pray that we would have God's wisdom about John's education.
  • Pray for continued calm in Abidjan. A cease-fire might be signed in the next couple of days.
  • Pray for true peace in Cote d'Ivoire.
  • Pray for our friends, international workers and kids who were traumatized by fighting near their homes.
  • Pray for the residents of Bouake, most have water again, but are having trouble buying food.

For more Ivory Coast information, photos and news,
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"The people in Bouake, were lined up on the sides of the streets, staring at us in despair." An American evacuating Bouake.

People were sure that there would be a terrible battle for Bouake that night. Praise God that a battle in town has not yet started. The President of the National Church told me that the city is very calm, though still in rebel control. Water is now shut off for part of the day and a night time curfew is still in effect over the whole country.

  1. Pray that we would finds a good solution for our international worker children's education, with ICA closed.
  2. Pray that we would make use of every opportunity to make Christ known in the midst of this crisis.
  3. Pray for true peace in Cote d'Ivoire.
  4. Pray for people to increase their giving to cover the additional expenses of the evacuation of international workers for the mission.

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