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Happy Thanksgiving from Dakar. We are most grateful for your love and prayers. We arrived safely in Dakar to give Jim and Shari Timberlake a much needed five day break from their dorm. As I write, they are with Shari's brother Rick, having their Thanksgiving Supper. We are hoping to see a football game here at the Dorm on TV. John and his fellow students had a fun Turkey Bowl game yesterday.

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"We are looking forward to this time off." Jim and Shari Timberlake, John's dorm parents. Pray for Sue and I. We will be taking their place at the dorm for five nights. We fly out of Bamako to Dakar on Wed. morning. Pray for a safe trip and wisdom with all the responsibilities. Our major task will be cooking for about 16 teenage boys!

"Don't let the chain of love end with you." Clay Walker. We are grateful for all the love and help are are receiving as refugees in Mali. Bus loads of Malien refugees from Cote d'Ivoire arrived here in Bamako on Saturday. Pray for these poor folks to find work and to get resettled here in their home country again. Pray for us as we leave today to visit for a few days in Koutiala. That is the town here in Mali where we studied Bambara during 1990-1991.

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In the air right now from Abidjan to Conakry, Guinea, then on to Bamako, Mali. Lord willing I will be there by dark. Thanks for praying.

God blessed my time in taxis and at the airport. I was able to share Jesus with some of the taxi drivers and the Air Ivoire crew. An hour later, one man said he was very pleased with the WMP Bible study I gave him. The waiter and all the staff at the departure restaurant were also very p[leased to receive the same Bible study. Pray that they would all complete the study and put their faith in Jesus.

Trust you are doing well. I am still in Abidjan. My flight to Bamako was delayed until early tomorrow morning.

Josh was really disappointed. He wanted to go to the airport today to pick me up. He loves airplanes. He wanted to fly with me to Abidjan, but it is still not really settled. Everyone is really nervous about the future. We are praying that the peace talks will make some progress.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my weekly e-mail update about people being killed during the night. So far they have been mostly politicians. There was one Lebanese that was killed last week at his home.

"It just isn't safe here yet for Sue and Joshua." Mike, packing his bags for Bamako, Mali. It is so sad to see this country we love so much torn in two by war. It is still not clear that we can live here safely with our wives and children. Though Abidjan appears calm, Sunday, I heard machine guns around 8 PM.

  • Pray that I would have a safe flight to Bamako Tuesday afternoon.
  • Pray for Pastor Daniel as he seeks permission from the rebel authorities to remove his family from Bouake to Mali.
  • Pray for the comfort of displaced peoples, including international workers.

I am having a good visit in Abidjan. Many of my Lebanese friends are working back in Bouake . It is calm here in Abidjan. Pray that it stays that way. This is the first week of the Muslim fast of Ramadan. I will be breaking fast with some friends tonight at 18:30.

I talked to Sue this morning. She is teaching in a MAF international worker kid's school in Bamako now. Joshua is also going to school there three days a week.

"We can feel free to cry for what we have lost." Judy Schultz, dorm parent from ICA now at Dakar.

Dakar Academy Sign and Library

The greatest loss we have suffered was the death of international worker David Golding, to some kind of heart failure the day before the war started.

  • Pray for David's family to be comforted in their continued grief.
  • Pray for lasting peace in Côte d'Ivoire.
  • Pray that Sue and Josh could join me in Abidjan next week. If not, I will return to Bamako next Tuesday.

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