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A horse drawn Coke delivery wagon in Dakar. See more photosat the Gallery of Farho slide shows

"No one is going to attack and harm you." God, speaking to the apostle Paul in Acts 18:10.

Sue read this verse tonight during her personal Bible study time. Minutes later our field director called letting us know we could go to Dakar to get away from the danger here in Abidjan. Students rioted for the third day in a row. The French Embassy, French schools, private homes and businesses have been ransacked and/or burned. "To look around is to be distressed; to look within is to be depressed; to look up is to be blessed." Pray that we would look UP. Pray for peace in Côte d'Ivoire.

"God is more interested in what He can do in us than what we can do for Him!"

Pray for us as we seek to be more intimate with Jesus everyday. We can only share our love of God with others, as it is growing in our own hearts. Pray that we would obey the teachings of the Bible, because of our love for Jesus. Pray that the three demonstrations planned for this week in Abidjan (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday) would either be cancelled or be done peacefully. Pray for good results from peace talks taking place in Paris until Saturday.

"Why did you return to Abidjan if the US Embassy says to leave?"

Today, a Lebanese grandmother asked us that question as we sat on her 5th floor balcony admiring her view of this beautiful city. Our answer was that we love her and her family and we want to be a spiritual encouragement to them. She thanked us for returning and said that we greatly encouraged her family by our visit today. Pray that we could help others to discover the peace we have in Jesus, in the midst of a civil war.

"What has God been teaching you these three months Mike?" Sue

My first response was that I have learned how to ride a taxi! After reflection, I can say that God has been teaching me patience. I just hope I have learned it well enough to return home in Abidjan on Friday. Pray for John who is back to school at Dakar Academy. Pray for us as we return to Abidjan Friday morning, Lord willing.

"I can't wait to get home!" Mike, hearing that we are cleared to return to Abidjan. God answered your prayers! Our field director gave us his approval to purchase our plane tickets back to Abidjan. Lord willing, we will return on January 10th, after John starts back to school here in Dakar. Pray that all stays stable in Abidjan. This is excellent news for the new year 2003. Pray for the French military, who will be protecting us in Abidjan.

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"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes..." Romans 1:16