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Family Photo taken January 2003

"Life is hard, but God is good." A teacher at John's school.

Pray for the students, teachers and staff at Dakar Academy. It has been stressful for everyone to have the ICA students double the size of the school. It is especially hard for John's class knowing that they will not graduate from ICA. Many were students at ICA since first or second grade. Thanks for your prayers about travel for all to Dakar. I only heard of one group that had difficult travel. John and I are grateful to have the best prayer team. We were bumped up to first class seats!

"It was so pleasant in Dakar.
We wished that we could have afforded for Sue and Joshua to come along. Temps were never hot like Abidjan or Bamako. It was also very dry and breezy. I was able to do most my errands by foot, enjoying seeing the city from an African perspective, as opposed to driving around in a car.

What broke my heart was seeing the homeless people sleeping on the sides of the street. Some were sleeping inside of cloth rice bags, tied from the inside. At first glance, I thought that they were trash disposed on the side of the road. Then I saw the outline of a human in fetal position. I was horrified to think that maybe it was a cadaver. Then as I walked down the road, I saw one after another. When I asked about this strange site, I was informed that even night guards slept like that in front of the houses that they "protect". I don't know how you could guard a house, sleeping inside a closed sack!

"Why is the food better here?" Sue in Dakar October 2002.

We are already at the end of John's spring break. Today and tomorrow, over 100 international worker kids (MKs) and their parents are flying to Dakar. Pray for me, Michael, as I fly with John and five other MKs. Pray for Sue and Josh as they stay behind in Abidjan. John has only six more weeks of his junior year before his summer vacation. Pray for him as he has a cyst in his hand that is starting to bother him. It is also his basketball season.

04/21/2003 Easter Sunday
"The Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!" Lebanese Easter greeting. The words in Arabic are pronounced, "Al Masih kam! Hakan kam!"

We are praying that you will have a wonderful Easter with family and friends. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

"Don't take the medicine, if you don't know for sure you are sick." Diallo

Diallo was talking about fixing a leak in our plumbing. He didn't think it was bad enough to do the surgery in our kitchen to get to the pipes. Pray that the leak would stop. It would be major surgery. Thanks for praying about my trip to Bouake. God gave us the wisdom and patience to wait a while longer. One of John's friends did find some of his clothes and basketball from the dorm. Praise God for David's kindness.

Still in Abdijan. Sue was not comfortable with me going to Bouake. Keep praying about our VIPeR mentioned below.

"The intercessors lead the way." Fred Hartley

We are grateful to have you leading the way for us. Lead the way as I plan to make a short, five hour, visit to Bouake on Monday. Pray for safety as a number of international workers are coming from the USA to make the quick trip. We also need you to lead the way about a VIPeR. Not a sports car, though I would not refuse if you offered me yours. It's a Very Important Prayer e-Request. This item needs to remain unspoken for the moment. Thanks for your understanding!

John arrived safe from Dakar on Friday evening. Pray that we would have great family times during his short 2½ weeks here in Abidjan.

We had a great time yesterday at the beach. Wish we could send you some photos!

It is so good to be home again! We are back in our own home here in Abidjan. There have not been any riots or battles in our area of town. So our house is still as we left it. That is not true of our home in Bouake. It was broken into at 3 AM Monday morning, as was our FM radio station. Pastor Daniel was just in Bouake last week and moved out all the radio station equipment.

The previous weekend, robbers broke into our recording studio and stole everything. Pray for the funds needed to replace all the missing equipment. Please make an extra offering to the Great Commission Fund. It has been hard hit by many international worker evacuations worldwide and the major drop in value of the US dollar. Give online at the Web site..

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