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Family Photo taken January 2003

"I get my license on Friday." John Farho in Omaha

You might want to pray about John's driver's exam. He would appreciate your prayers. He is scheduled for surgery at 5:30 AM on Tuesday July 1st in Omaha. It should take only 20 minutes. His doctor did not see much risk of damaging the nerve in his finger. Pray for the doctor to do a great job. We are still working here in Abidjan. The course we wanted to take in Lebanon was cancelled.

"I'm OK Dad." John Farho in Des Moines.

Thank you for your prayers for John. He arrived safely in Des Moines, IA. He had no major problems, just a missed connection in Chicago. He used the opportunity to have a deep dish pizza at the airport! His first doctor appointment is June 24th. He will be travelling between Des Moines, Omaha and Lincoln this week. Pray for safety. Pray also for us to keep up with our Arabic study. Our tutor left for a month in Lebanon. We will be reviewing and adding vocabulary.

"You can't appreciate home 'til you've left it." O. Henry

Pray for John, our 17 year old son, as he flys to USA alone tomorrow. He won't arrive in Des Moines, IA until Thursday at 6:12 PM. Pray that the doctors would have wisdom and skill removing the cyst from the knuckle of John's index finger. Pray for Uncle John Porter and Aunt Becky (Farho) Killion, who will be watching over John this summer.

"Mike, I have you figured out at last." 97 year old Louise in Lincoln, NE

Louise continues, "You were a hyperactive kid. Your mother couldn't keep her finger on you. She had to use her foot." Well, I am guilty as charged. Pray for Sue as she has two hyperactive boys at home, Mike (47) and Joshua (5). Pray for John, along with 80+ other MKs traveling home to their parents this week. John is finishing his junior year at Dakar Academy. Thursday we will learn the how to read and write the last letter of the Arabic Language. Friday we start learning Arabic Grammar.

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