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"God has prepared places for prepared people." Paul Bartel

Pray for John, Thursday he will visit the high school he would like to attend this year in Omaha. We submitted John's request to stay in USA for his last year of high school to our leaders. Pray that God's will would be done in this important decision. Praise God with us for an opportunity to train a new believer. Pray that we would be able to get together every weekend for Bible study.

We received the sad news of Radwan's homegoing last night.
Radwan was active in leadership in the Church in Lebanon. As director of the Christian Alliance Institute of Theology (CAIT), he was planning Bible School extensions in other countries. Pray for his wife Denise, their 8 year old son Gad, and their 10 year old daughter Hiba. Pray that God will use this tremendous loss to turn others to Christ.

We have an urgent request to pray for our colleague, Radwan Dagher, who has viral encephalitis. Pray for no more fever, seizures, and no brain damage--and healthy recovery. He has been in intensive care in a coma since Friday.

"It really hurt and it hurts to touch." John, after getting his stitches out.

John is able to open and close his hand again. Thanks for praying him through the surgery and continued recovery. Now you can pray for our recovery. Why? John is asking about staying in Omaha for his senior year of high school. He will be 18 in December, so we want him to make his own decision. Pray for him that he would make the best choice. Pray for us to have the grace to accept it.

Go to our slide show list to see some photos of Goree Island, Senegal. President George W. Bush was there last week.

Welcome to Africa President Bush

Pray for President Bush as he visits Africa. Pray that he would see more than the sights, but also the spiritual needs of this huge continent.

Pray also for John in Omaha. His hand is healing nicely. This week he will have a follow-up appointment with his surgeon. John thanks you for your prayers that helped him to get his driver's license. He passed both the driving and written test on the first try! Now he is driving a Tahoe. He said, "It is basically the biggest car on the road."

Pray for peace in Cote d'Ivoire. There were good and bad signs during the last week.

"I slept through my surgery." John Farho

Pray for John who will be in the USA all summer. He had surgery on his left hand in Omaha this morning. He only needed five stitches. He called just a couple hours after the surgery. His hand was still numb from the local anesthetic. Pray that the surgery would not affect the use of his fingers. He hopes to get his driver's license after his hand feels better. He did not take the two tests yet. He also needs to renew his passport this week. Pray for all these details.

Pray for Sue and I as we continue learning Arabic. It is a very difficult language. We are doing well, thanks to your prayers.

Pray for us as we share Christ with our friends living here in Abidjan. Pray that God would give us opportunities to share from the Word of God.

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