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"I made the Varsity Tennis Team at Westside!" John Farho

Pray for John, as he had his first tennis team practice today. It is a school of 1,900 students. Try outs last week had many students hoping to get one of the four slots that were open. He is so excited about being on the team.

Pray for us as we are blessed with remarkable opportunities to be an ambassador for Christ here in Abidjan. Pray that we would be prepared to answer any question that comes our way.

Abstinence and being faithful to your spouse are two keys to stopping AIDS in Africa. A US Senator

Sunday it was revealed that over 30% of students test positive for HIV/AIDS at the University of Cocody in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. AIDS is known as SIDA in French. The rate of positive HIV tests among the general population in Cote d'Ivoire is 12%.

Pray that Ivorians would come to faith in Christ. Pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit they would practice abstinence and be faithful to their spouses. Pray for the five Senators visiting Africa during the next two weeks. They will be collecting information about how to spend $15 Billion in US help to stop AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa.

"I feel like a prisoner set free!" A friend just arriving from Bouake.

Please pray for peace here in Cote d'Ivoire. The country is still taking baby steps forward in that direction. There were a few more setbacks as well this week. Pray for the international workers who are now returning to feel the peace of God.

Pray also for the many international worker kids who will be leaving for boarding school in the next week. We are able to talk to John once a week on the phone. That helps us not to feel so far from him. Pray for him as he starts school this week in Omaha.

Mazda Miata 8k "I am shopping for a car dad." John in Omaha

Do you have a spare Mazda Miata you could give John? He might settle for less, but Uncle John let me know today that John would like a Miata. I would too by the way!

Thanks for praying about our weekend Bible study with the new believer. It went very well. We did the first study in Arabic. Next week we will use French material that will be easier to understand. Continue to pray for this Bible study. It would be great to see it grow!

Pray also for the safe return of our Arabic tutor from Lebanon.

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