October Prayer Blog

Click to see more photos. Mike is riding a donkey near Houra, Lebanon, just north of the Israel / Lebanon border.

"It takes time to get used to eating again." Aneela

Muslims around the world are celebrating their holiest month of the year. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from all continents unite in a period of sunrise to sunset fasting and spiritual reflection. Our friends tell us that one of the most imporant aspects for them is the increase in family bonds. Pray that God would give us sensitivity as we share Christ's love.

"Now you are starting first grade." Mayara, Mike and Sue's Arabic Teacher

Talk about a second childhood, we are living it here in Abidjan! Praise God with us that Maria finally returned from Lebanon. We are glad to be back to work on Arabic reading and grammar with her. Tomorrow we will start Arabic conversation lessons with Philippe. Pray that God would open our ears to hear and understand spoken Arabic. Pray also for Muslims around the world, as they will soon begin their month long fast of Ramadan.

"Weakness can qualify us for ministry." Denny Krajacic, Pastor of the Butler PA Community Alliance Church

God gave our field a wonderful weekend of fellowship, worship, testimony and prayer. Denny came with his wife, Connie and Worship Pastor, Keith. Connie taught our children the Treasures of the Nile VBS. Keith led all the worship services. Pray for them as they fly home to PA on Thursday. Pray for us as God uses our weakness to love the Lebanese here in Abidjan.

"People laid the groundwork for me, by their prayers." Miss America 2003 Erika Harold

You lay the groundwork for us, by your prayers. The only way we can explain the opportunities we are experiencing is that you are praying for our ministry and health. Even a mosquito bite can make us very sick. In September, Sue had a bad case of Malaria. Today, she is having sinus trouble. Take one minute right now to pray for our health. Thank you for preparing the way for our work in Abidjan.

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