January 2004 Prayer Blog

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Wait! Let me pray over these packages first! Six year old Joshua

We were blessed with four Christmas packages from USA today. We were blessed by Joshua's desire to pray before opening them. We are also blessed to have a home offered to us in Omaha for our 2004 Home Assignment. It will last from May 15 to January 14. This weekend, our field international workers will be blessed with a time of fellowship and growth. Our speaker from USA is Rev. Morris Dirks.

Father in heaven, give our international workers a great weekend together studying your Word. Thank you for the many blessings You give each day! Thank you for the fruit you are giving in the harvest of souls.

"Never focus on temporary crowns." Rick Warren

That quote is from Rick Warren's book, The Purpose Driven® Life. Linda, one of our prayer partners, sent it to us for Christmas. Sue and I are reading it right now. We highly recommend it to you as well. Today's Point to Ponder: This world is not my home.

Dear Father, help us to be faithful in our temporary assignment on Earth. Open the eyes of Lebanese to see Your eternal glory. Show them Jesus, the way to Your heavenly city.

"My golf clubs arrived two hours ago." John in Omaha on Sunday

Thank you for praying for John's clubs. They arrived the same day as a heavy snow fall. A friend said he was praying for their safe arrival, but that John won't be needing them too soon in Nebraska! I am asking our new believers what plans they are making to grow spiritually in 2004. Pray that God would guide them to make achievable goals. Pray for us as we read the whole Bible again this year. Pray we would apply it to our lives each day.

"Air France put me in a great hotel." John

Thanks for your prayers for John. He was busy here in Abidjan, working on his Senior Project. If you want to see it, go to http://travel.farho.net. The title is Surviving a Visit to French-Speaking West Africa. His trip back to Nebraska took about 78 hours. He was booked on one of the flights that was canceled from Paris to the USA. His bags arrived on a later fight to Omaha. His golf clubs are still missing. Pray that they would arrive soon. Our prayer is for God's richest blessings to be on you in the New Year 2004.

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