"Mike, are you fasting?" Radwan

Many Lebanese Maronite Christians started their 40 day Lentin fast on Monday. This year we joined them in this time of prayer, fasting and repentance. It is a good testimony to our Muslims friends as well. Some give up a favorite food item, like beer or coffee. Others go without all food and drinks from midnight to noon daily. I am doing a form of the Daniel Fast. Sue said I should give up chocolate!

Dear Father, give Mike and Sue wisdom as they share Christ with Lebanese during Lent. May You be glorified in their fasting. Encourage our international workers as they share Your love with others.

Three interesting Web pages about fasting:

"It's about faith, hope, love and forgiveness." Mel Gibson

Mr. Gibson explaining The Passion, "That's what this film is about. It's about Christ's sacrifice." He could also be describing our ministry here in Abidjan. We are in Africa to "seek and save the lost," as Jesus described His purpose in Luke 19:10.

Dear Father, give Mike and Sue patience as they diligently seek the lost, to share Christ with them. Give the lost in Abidjan faith and hope for Your faithful love and eternal forgiveness.

"Who will take your place?" Fauzi

Fauzi wanted to know who will minister to the Lebanese when we leave for home assignment this summer. My answer to him was, "You will." Then he asked me what the pay was.:-) He was glad that we will not be gone a whole year. Another Lebanese man wanted me to tell you, "Thanks for praying. Your prayers are making a big difference!"

Our Father, we thank You for opening the hearts of Lebanese in Abidjan. We pray for those who are interested in Bible study to grow in their faith.

"Get real with yourself!" Rev. Morris Dirks

Pastor Dirks encouraged us to avoid "cosmetic righteousness". We were all in need of this time of fellowship in the Word of God. Our kids were encouraged to get away from their regular schedules to play together in English.

Dear Father, thank You for encouraging and refreshing Your international workers in Cote d'Ivoire. Give them faith in You to move mountians of unbelief. Give them hope to see the fruit of their labor. Give them sincere love for one another, Your National Church and Your lost sheep.

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