March 2004 Prayer Blog

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John, golfing in Bouake

"My father is better! He came home from the hospital." Zuzu

When I prayed for Zuzu's 83 year old dad three days earlier, I really wasn't sure I would see him again alive. But God was gracious and healed him. It was a great encouragement to Zuzu to see his dad restored to health. Zuzu also told me he is still reading his Bible daily!

Gracious Father, we thank you for this healing. You are so good to us. We are grateful that you care for Zuzu and his dad. Encourage their whole family as they trust in You. We pray also for peace in Cote d'Ivoire. Bring reconciliation to this divided country.

Miye sini. = One hundred years. = Happy Birthday in Arabic

It was great to celebrate my birthday today with Lebanese friends. God continues to bless us with very good relationships among the Lebanese here in Abidjan. I was also blessed to find my closest Lebanese friend from Bouake at a hotel this morning. He and his wife are here for a one week visit from Lebanon.

Eternal Father, we thank you for equipping our international workers for ministry. Keep them healthy. Keep them close to You. Give them even greater love for the Lebanese.

St. Patrick was a cross cultural pastor.

God called St. Patrick to be a cross cultural pastor when he was about 50 years old. When I was in Lebanon in 2002, I heard about an American couple living there. They where retired, but were learning Arabic to be international workers to Lebanese. Is God calling you to be an international worker? You can share the Good News of Christ where you live.

Loving Father, give Mike and Sue the same love for Lebanese that St. Patrick had for the Irish. Give them a gracious concern for their spiritual and physical welfare. Give them a gift to read and speak the Arabic language.

Chuck Colson provides these links for further information about St. Patrick:

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"Mike, I need Jesus to be my Savior."

It was a joy to explain the Good News to this Lebanese man. He received the gift of eternal life and asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for adding this man to your family. Help him to know you better through reading his Bible. Give him a desire to talk to you through prayer. Give him joy as he worships you with other believers. Open his lips to share with others what you have done for him.

"Dear God, please make it snow tomorrow." Joshua

Joshua wants to see some of that snow America had this year. It is also the hot season here in Abidjan. A cool breeze would be much welcome by all of us. We are looking forward to our eight month home assignment in USA this year. Joshua can see some snow this winter!

Dear Father, please send some cooler weather to our international workers in West Africa. Let Your rains fall gently onto the hot dry land. Work out all the details for Mike and Sue as they transition their ministry from Abidjan to USA for a short time.

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