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Al Massih Kam! Hakan Kam!
Al Massih Kam! Hakan Kam!
The Messiah is Risen Indeed!

"If you rest, you rust. Denise Austin"

There is not much chance that we will rust. We have a full schedule. Here are some big events to pray about over the next month.

May 1-4 Strategic Field Review
May 7-9 Quick visit to Bouake
May 15 Sue's Birthday
May 15-16 Fly to Omaha, Nebraska for our Home Assignment
May 18 John's High School Graduation
May 26-June 4 John in Dakar, Senegal for Dakar Academy graduation
May 30-June 7 General Council in Sacramento, CA.

"I love peanut sauce!" Joshua is excited about what we will have for lunch tomorrow.

For the last three days Joshua has been begging for peanut sauce for lunch. Saturday we had two families over for a turkey feast. Sunday we had lunch with two other families. Tomorrow we will have a neighbor family for lunch. Thursday we will have our field director and his wife over for lunch. Then Friday night we will have supper with a newly married couple. A major aspect of our ministry is hospitality. Lebanese love getting together for meals and coffee.

Our heavenly Father, give Sue strength and creativity as she entertains so many people. Give Mike and Sue Your love in abundance to share with others. Fill them with your Holy Spirit.

"His last commands our first concern" is the theme of the 2004 Alliance World Fellowship Assembly. The AWF binds together over two million Christians from 50 nations and five continents of the world. This week our Quadrennial Conference is in Amsterdam. Holy Spirit, speak through Dr. Ravi Zacharias as he ministers to our leaders in Holland.

Sue's peanut sauce recipe can be found at http://www.farho.net/sauce.html

"This is the first time I ever heard the story of Easter." A Moroccan friend

What a joy and honor to be God's servants here in Cote d'Ivoire. We have unlimited freedom to share Christ. There are many people here from countries where international workers are not allowed, like the friend mentioned above. Today, I was able to talk to five different policemen and two Muslim taxi drivers about Jesus.

Dear Lord, open their hearts to trust in you alone for salvation.

4/7/2004 Sami Dagher Update

Surgery went well--5 bypasses! Now the slow recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray for Sami Dagher in Lebanon

God is using Sami mightily in planting churches in Lebanon and recently in Iraq. Last week, doctors decided that he needs to have bypass surgery. He has three blocked arteries. He was admitted to the Hospital today, April 4, and will have the surgery done on Monday or Tuesday.

Our Great Physician, we ask you to heal Sami. Give him strength. Give his doctors wisdom. Give his wife peace.

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