July 2004 Prayer Blog


We are back home in Omaha after a great week in Atlanta. It was a very educational and encouraging time. One high point was attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game! One priority item for prayer this week is my (Mike) Friday doctor appointment. It will be my third visit for my prostate. It doesn't look like cancer, but I may need surgery. So please pray!


Pray for us as we are in Atlanta for one week of special training for speaking during our short home assignment. Joshua will be with Stephanie. Pray for her and her boys to have a good time with Joshua. Pray also for our Lebanese believers in Abidjan. We are able to talk to them by phone almost every week.

Is it safe to visit Lebanon?

I was asked that question several times last weekend, as I shared photos of my visit to Lebanon with my relatives. When I was there in May 2002, I never felt in any danger. It is a beautiful country full of kind, loving and generous people. Take a few minutes to take a virtual prayer walk at our Web site. Pray for our friends in our Lebanese slide shows. http://fun.farho.net

Pray also for John as he is in Los Angeles this week for an MK re-entry seminar.

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