August 2004 Prayer Blog


"I Passed my PT!" John was excited to let us know that he passed the Physical Training test for Army ROTC. He is applying for a four year scholarship. Pray that God would guide John in these important life decisions. Pray for us as we will be hosting a 40 Days of Purpose Study in our home. We are in the process of inviting people to join our study. Do you want to join us? We are also preparing presentations to share with groups during the next four months. Pray that God would be glorified in all we say and do.


"We're like on a three year vacation. We go back to Africa in January." Joshua was explaining to a classmate why we are in Omaha. He got some of that correct. We are planning to return to Africa in January, after only eight months here in USA. We don't know of any international workers who consider home assignment a vacation. :-)

Pray for Joshua who is off to a great start at public school. John needs your prayers as he moves to Lincoln, NE for college on Thursday and Friday. He is praying about applying for an Army ROTC scholarship.


"Will it snow today Dad?" Joshua, this morning on a practice walk to school. It definitely won't snow, but it sure feels cold to us! Pray that we would adjust well to the dropping temps here in the Mid-West.

Pray also for John, as he moves into his dormitory in Lincoln next week. He will be in one of the better dorms. His roommate will be an old friend from Christ Community Church here in Omaha. Keep praying for me as I decide which treatment to follow for my BPH. Sue is back home. She had a great week in Fort Worth, Texas, thanks to your prayers.


Many prayer partners have asked how my appointment went last Friday. It was about as close to child birth as a man can get. I had to do the short quick breaths to deal with the pain. The result is that there is no need for surgery. PTL! Now I have the choice of medicine or DOT treatment for my BPH as described at
Pray for wisdom! Pray for us as Sue will be in Texas for training Aug. 3-8.

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