September 2004 Prayer Blog

Photo of flower in Lebanon
Flower in Lebanon


Dan Grudda reports, "ICA opened for classes September 1, 2004. After almost two years of being closed due to the political situation, there are now about 50 staff and students on campus again. We rang the Dining Hall bell for the first time following the opening assembly. We see this as a time when changes can be made to adapt to the needs of MKs for the future. We ask that you pray for Godís wisdom and discernment to be clear and evident in the life of each student and staff member."


As we start September, please pray a moment for these ministries:
Sept. 3 6 we travel to St. Louis area.
Sept. 13 we start The 40 Days of Purpose study in our home.
Sept. 16 Arabic Language study classes begin.
Sept. 19 Mike is preaching at the Newton, IA Church.
Sept. 18 23 Sue will be at our MidAmerica District Prayer Conference in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Sept. 26 Nov. 7 we are on tour in Nebraska Churches.

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