December 2004
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Merry Christmas
May your Christmas be filled with Joy


Some friends asked us how Christmas in Cote d'Ivoire is different from Christmas in Omaha. Sue wrote a poem that answers that question quite well. We would like it to be our Christmas greeting to you.

There and Here, Africa and Omaha

Our friends who need Jesus are there. Our hearts cry out for them here.

The palm trees are there. The evergreens are here.

The black snow is there. The white snow is here.

The sun is so intense there. The sun hides some days here.

The heat is overwhelming there. The cold is overwhelming here.

The orange taxis are there. The SUV's are here.

Malaria is there. The flu is here.

Cold showers feel great there. Cold showers are totally uncomfortable here.

Small stores are there. Large stores are here.

Sweating is there. Dryness is here.

Long weekends with unbelievers there. Long weekends with believers here.

The Lord is there. The Lord is here.

The Lord's Ways are best there. The Lord's Ways are best here.

Our desire is to be like Mary who said in Luke 1:38, "I am the Lord's Servant and I am willing to do whatever He wants."

See the complete version of this Christmas poem.


The Alliance is a family of ordinary people serving an extraordinary God. We're working together to complete the Great Commission by multiplying communities of Christ throughout the world. Thank you for your commitment to the greatest partnership of our lives, Living the Call together.

Because of your gifts to the Great Commission Fund:

  • Every two minutes, someone prays to receive Christ through the worldwide outreach of Alliance ministries.
  • Every hour, three patients, many of them ravaged by AIDS, receive physical and spiritual care through medical work.
  • Every day via 43 radio broadcasts, people who have had no gospel witness hear the good news.
  • Every week, nearly 3,000 new believers are baptized.
  • Every month, 253 churches and church groups join the worldwide Alliance family.
  • Every year, 9,635 students are trained and equipped for ministry through 125 overseas Alliance theological schools.

Please consider making a year end gift to the Great Commission Fund. For more information how to give, go to or you can call our toll-free number (U.S. only) at (866) 443-8262, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., MST. Thank you!


Thanks for your prayers for me, Mike. My treatment yesterday went well. I am a little uncomfortable and tired today. Pray that my energy would come back tomorrow. We have a busy week, with visits and Christmas events.

We are grateful for your prayers for our fellow international workers in Cote d'Ivoire. They are still in need of your prayers. All are packing up their houses. Some will be leaving for an extended amount of time. Some will be leaving for good. Praise God, we may be allowed to return in June. Keep praying for wisdom.

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