May 2005 Farho Prayer Blog

May 31, 2005

Thanks so much for your prayers for us last weekend. God really answered them! Praise you Father for giving the Farhos such a good weekend with John. Your protection on the highways was awesome. The fun times together as a family will be memories for a lifetime. Thanks Lord for helping John with all his EMT tests, including his USA National EMT Registry Exam this week, on Friday June 3.

May 24, 2005

We are planning a trip to San Antonio, TX this weekend to say goodbye to John. Our Father, give Mike, Sue and Joshua a safe round trip to San Antonio. Let them have good conversation as they drive. Make this weekend very special for the Farho family. Help John as he prepares for his Army EMT final exam on Thursday May 26 and his National EMT Registry Exam on June 3..

John will continue his Army National Guard paramedic training in Texas until August 13th. He plans to return to his Health Sciences program at the University of Nebraska this fall.

May 17, 2005

I forgot to tell you, Sunday was Sue's birthday. We had a fun time with our Sunday School class in the morning. Everyone sang for Sue. Our afternoon party plans were a bit mixed up. Saturday night Josh came down with conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye in the USA or as we say in Africa "Apollo", because they believe it came back from the moon with the astronauts). We had a good time anyway. Dear Father, keep Sue safe this year in Dakar and Abidjan.

May 10, 2005

We are overjoyed to tell you that we will be flying to Abidjan on June 12th. God has opened up the door for us to minister for the rest of June in Abidjan. Then we will continue on to Dakar, Senegal. Dear Lord, continue to encourage Mike and Sue as they prepare for their return to Africa. Prepare the way for them to share Christ in Abidjan and Dakar. Make this last month in USA really special for them.

May 3, 2005

Praise you Jesus for providing a furnished home for Mike and Sue to rent in Dakar. Thank you that it provides many items (car, phone, internet connection and close to Joshua's school) that Mike and Sue will need for their first eight months in Dakar. Please bring peace to Cote d'Ivoire so they can return to their ministry in Abidjan.

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