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The Medina Mosque in Dakar Senegal

Night of Power or "Laylat ul-Qadr"

Sunday, October 30, 2005 (Night of Power)

The Night of Power, or "Laylat ul-Qadr" as it is known in Arabic, is one of the most significant moments of the Islamic year. Muslims believe that groups of angels are sent out on the Night of Power to perform special purposes. Special angels are said to descend to earth to make proclamations about the coming year.

This is one evening when Muslims are more confident that God will hear and act on their behalf. According to tradition, Mohammed said, "Whoever prays during the Night of Power with faith and hoping for its reward will have all his previous sins forgiven." Muslims often recite the Qur'an on this night while making special requests to God.

Let's trust God to show up on Sunday and reveal Jesus as the Messiah and Redeemer to Lebanese and Senegalese Muslims! Lord, make Yourself known through dreams and visions during the Night of Power. May Muslims experience a revelation of Your power to forgive their sins and save them for eternity.

October 25, 2005

Every night before bed Joshua prays for a number of people. The last person he prays for is an international worker. For months Joshua has been praying for Wes Nevius. Now Joshua is praying, "Dear God tell Daddy's boss to let us go back to Abidjan." We need you to pray for a miracle. Our leaders will soon be deciding where we will be living after December 31. Our heart's desire is to return, as a family, to our ministry in Abidjan. But things are still unsettled there. We just received word from our USA Embassy that Americans need to be prepared for demonstrations in Abidjan in the days to come.

October 18, 2005

God really gave me an exciting week in Abidjan. It is amazing to see such hunger for spiritual food, the Word of God. Friends asked for copies of the Jesus Film in Arabic and/or French. More than twenty people were happy to get a copy of the beautiful version of the Gospel of Mark that we share with others.

At the Abidjan airport yesterday, one of the security guards asked me for a Gospel of John as I was getting out of the car. His boss came right over and took it for himself. After I gave the first guard another copy, I continued with my baggage to the entry doors. Two soldiers guarding the doors had already taken the Gospel from the guard's boss. They asked for more Gospels for each of them. Dear Lord help these people to read your Word. Satisfy their spiritual thirst and hunger in an eternal way during this third week of the 2005 Ramadan Fast.

Islam in Senegal

October 9, 2005

Muslims around the world are celebrating the second week of their Ramadan fast. I will be in Abidjan this week for ministry to Lebanese families living there. I look forward to sharing evening meals with several Muslim families. Pray that God would give me sensitivity as I share Christ's love. Pray also for my visits with Lebanese believers to be a great encouragement to their faith.

October 4, 2005

AP News Ramadan photo

"It takes time to get used to eating again." Aneela
This is the first week of the Muslim fast of Ramadan. Muslims around the world are celebrating their holiest month of the year. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from all continents unite in a period of sunrise to sunset fasting and spiritual reflection. Our friends tell us that one of the most important aspects for them is the increase in family bonds. Pray that God would give us sensitivity as we share Christ's love. Pray for Muslims to see their need for the Jesus, "the only Redeemer of the world" as the Koran describes Him in the chapter of Mary. For more information about Islam and the fast of Ramadan, go to http://www.farho.net/islam

Dakar street scene

Here is a photo I took today. On the top left you can see the driver of a horse cart. The motorcycle rider who is cutting between our car and the taxi in front of us is riding side saddle.

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