Farho Prayer Blog November 2005

November 29, 2005
Thanksgiving weekend, we ate no turkey.

But it was still a great time of giving thanks to God. We received word from our Africa Regional Director that we can move back to Abidjan on December 17, 2005. Pray with us that there would be no problems that could keep us from returning as a family to disciple our new believers. Josh will begin home school with mom and dad. Thank God with us for the good materials we will be using from Dakar Academy.

November 22, 2005
A week of miracles.

What a wonderful week in Abidjan. Our Lebanese friends really loved Ramon and Maria Sanchez. More than ten friends prayed and asked God to write their names in the Lamb's Book of Life, Revelations 21:27, Rom. 10:10-11. Pray for these beautiful people to find great joy as their faith in God grows strong roots in Him and His Word.

Ambassador of Lebanon to Cote d'Ivoire and Mike

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the independence of Lebanon. Sunday, I attended a Maronite Catholic celebration of that event. In this photo, I am with the ambassador of Lebanon in Cote d'Ivoire. It was also a joy to visit with the ambassadors of France, Brazil, Angola and Iran, as well as an Ivorian cabinet member, and the Lebanese Muslim leaders of Cote d'Ivoire. Pray that God would open doors to mentor some of these men.

See the English Maria and Ramon Sanchez Blog

November 16, 2005
Maria and Ramon Sanchez are praying with Mike this week.

They came all the way from Orlando, Florida. As Ramon put it, "God told us to go to Côte d'Ivoire to pray for you." They are definitely braver than I am! They left Orlando Thursday evening. They arrived in Accra, Ghana on Friday evening. After sleeping that night in the airport, they found out that their credit card would not work to purchase the final 40 minute leg of their trip to Abidjan. After spending the night in a Southern Baptist guest house, they took a 12 hour bus ride to Abidjan! Praise God with us for the wonderful times of prayer and witness we are enjoying together this week. Visit their English Sanchez blog or their Español Sanchez blog.

From left Maria, Marie, Zuzu (holding photo of Khalil, Ramon, Georges, Susanne

November 8, 2005
Khalil Saliba died in Abidjan on Friday. He was 84 years old.

His daughter Marie told me on the phone, "I wish you were here Mike." It is real hard on us to get this news three countries away. The last time I wrote you about Khalil was in our March 30, 2004 Prayer Blog. At that time God healed 83 year old Khalil in answer to our prayers. We feel bad that we're not there for his family at this time of loss. Pray for his children: George, Zuzu, Susan and Marie to feel God's comfort as they grieve.

Pray for me as I begin a week in Abidjan on Monday, to have good quality time with all of them. Pray for God's wisdom to be given to our leaders concerning our move back to Abidjan.

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