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Farho January 2006 Prayer Blog

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Police stops in Abidjan

The policeman said, "I'm thirsty."

January 31, 2006

Last week, one of the many times that I was pulled over by the police (No, I didn't break any laws), the officer stuck his head in the window of my car and said, "I'm thirsty." It could have been "Miller Time." My response to him was, "That's great, because I have some 'living water' for you." Then I gave him a little booklet with Scripture verses about various interesting themes. He gave me a big smile and said, "God bless you!" Dear Lord use your Word to encourage the many police that Mike speaks to every week. Protect them. Give them your wisdom as they protect the people of Abidjan.

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January 24, 2006

Sharing Jesus, Riots, and Prayer

Cote d'Ivoire riots January 2006

Life stays exciting here in Abidjan. We are thrilled to be here. Our greatest joy is sharing Jesus with our friends. Your faithful prayers and gifts make that possible.

Last week, Cote d'Ivoire experienced some anti-United Nations (UN) riots. Several people were killed by UN soldiers more than 300 miles from Abidjan.

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 25, 2006, some university students are planning a march in honor of those who died last week. There is also concern that the UN will announce sanctions against the instigators of the riots last week. We are in no danger. Where we live is far removed from all these events. Please don't worry about us. We do need you to pray for the leaders of the various political groups to find a peaceful solution for Cote d'Ivoire.

January 17, 2006

Tony, John, and Church

Tony will be coming down to Abidjan soon to see his doctor. His leg is giving him a lot of pain. The doctor said not to worry. It is normal, but not too pleasant for Tony. The five plus hours over rough highways will be difficult for him. Lord Jesus, make Tony's faith grow through this trauma.

John accepted an invitation to join the Army's elite Airborne Rangers. He will still be moving on to Iraq in March, as a medic with the Rangers. Our main concern is that he will not have any Ranger training before departing for Iraq. He tells us that the Rangers are the best trained and equipped soldiers in the U.S. Army. Heavenly Father, give John clarity as he has opportunities to share the Good News with others.

It is exciting to be having "church" already with Lebanese in Abidjan. I am so proud of Sue. She is leading the singing in French and soon Arabic with her guitar. Some of the songs she wrote herself. Dear Jesus, please encourage Your new children to grow in You.

January 9, 2006

Pray for Muslims during "The Feast of Sacrifice" as celebrated by many Muslims on Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Known in West Africa as Tabaski, it is also called "The Big Feast" (Eid al-Adha), also "The Feast of Sacrifice" (Kurban Bayram). Animals are slaughtered to commemorate Abraham's sacrificing of the ram God provided instead of his son. The Bible explains that it was his son Isaac who was to be sacrificed. Those who are able make a pilgrimage to Mecca do so just before this date, on the Hajj.
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Dear Father in heaven, Thank you for providing Jesus Christ to be our sacrifice. Open Muslim hearts to receive Him as their Savior. Break down the spiritual barriers that keep them from seeing your provision of salvation from sin.

January 3, 2006

It is so good to be home again

Photo of Sue, Josh, Mike, John Porter, John and Sarah

Thank you for praying about our family reunion here in Abidjan. It was even better to have our son John, his girlfriend Sarah and Sue's brother John here for Christmas. They all had a wonderful visit with no sickness.

We have also had some really good times with our believers and friends here in Abidjan. Last night Sue brought her guitar along and sang some Christmas carols and some songs she wrote. Heavenly Father, bless these cell groups that Mike and Sue are leading. Help the men getting together every morning for breakfast with Mike to experience tremendous spiritual growth.

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