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March 28, 2006

Hybiscus in Dakar at the Hotel Hacienda

Beyond Your Best

Beyond Your Best: Develop Your Relationships, Fulfill Your Destiny is the title of the book we are studying this week at our Field Forum, in Dakar, Senegal. The guide and videos added a lot to our understanding of Christian teamwork. Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and Ken McElrath teach us how to sincerely encourage fellow team members through building integrity and love on the foundation of vulnerability.

Dear Father, we thank you for the encouragement Mike and Sue and their fellow international workers in Senegal are receiving this week. Give them really great fellowship as they continue together through Saturday.

Your comments:

Tue, 28 Mar 2006

Those are fantastic authors! I have used their material and was greatly impressed. The book I used was "Ascent of a Leader."
Steve in Omaha, Nebraska

Just a note to encourage you in your work for the Master there. Judy wrote that she had heard you yesterday at the Field Forum (and enjoyed your ministry!) and I just wanted you to know that we are continuing to stand in the gap for you and Sue.
Dave and Peggy in Toccoa, Georgia

We always enjoy your messages, and continue to uphold you in prayer. Nebraska is watching the beautiful snow of a week ago, slowly melt away. We wish that we could have sent some to you.
Audrey in Omaha, Nebraska

March 21, 2006

Joshua with a Coke delivery wagon in Dakar in 2002

Greetings from Dakar

We are in Dakar for about two weeks. Our week long Senegal/Cote d'Ivoire Field Forum will begin on Sunday March 26. It is a time of spiritual refreshing and study that we enjoy once a year. We are here for an extra week to visit with our Lebanese and Wolof friends.

Photo of Safaa from my May 2002 visit to Toura, Lebanon

God willing, we plan to visit Lebanon in May. We would like to spend one month in intense Arabic language study. Ibrahim invited us to stay with his family. His daughter Safaa will be marrying our good friend Ali at that time. Heavenly Father, please work out all the details for this opportunity to become a reality.

West Africa Map

March 14, 2006

Why our ministry is important or strategic:

David Mays (www.davidmays.org) gives international workers 14 questions for which they should have ready answers. Here are the first two:

1. Explain your ministry in one sentence for a lay person.

Our ministry is mentoring faithful, available and teachable Lebanese leaders in West Africa.

2. Tell why your ministry is important or strategic.

We are motivated by 2 Timothy 2:2, which is my efefe0. It clarifies why our ministry is important or strategic. "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." We are mentoring respected leaders, who are able to teach others what we teach them.

What would we like our ministry partners to do?

Pray for us:
Dear Heavenly Father, give Mike and Sue wisdom as they invest their time with F.A.T. (Faithful, Available, and Teachable) Lebanese leaders in West Africa. Thank You Lord, for encouraging these leaders to boldly share the gospel of Christ with others in their strategic spheres of influence.

Your comments:

Fri, 17 Mar 2006

You are so good at keeping in touch with us. I pray for your needs and when I do my chemo I try to spend some extra time as well. God bless you on this Irish day!
Diane in Montana

You just keep sounding busier & busier. Take some time out for your beautiful wife & son, sir!
Lynne in Omaha, Nebraska

Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Great communication. I suggest a slight edit to fit your life verse.
3. Explain in one sentence what you would like your ministry partners to do. (I added Tom's edit in my text.)
Tom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tue, 14 Mar 2006

Amen Mike! Christ's continued blessings!
Joe in Fremont, Nebraska

Yassine in his living room

March 7, 2006

"We really miss you Mike, when you don't come and visit!"

Ali and Hyame's family is very dear to us. We try to visit them every day. Ali is working in Bouake. We miss him a lot. He asked me to keep an eye on his family in Abidjan. They have three girls and one son, Yassine. His 20th birthday is Friday. His photo is attached. Dear Heavenly Father, make Yassine's birthday very special for him. Give him the gifts of an open heart, eyes to see and ears to hear how unconditionally You love him.

Your comments:

Tue, 7 Mar 2006

I was so surprised to see how much Yassine resembles John! That is incredible, but I guess they are both Lebanese! We are praying for John as he goes to Iraq. May he be covered with the blood of Jesus. Well, I have to go. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Marilyn in Omaha, Nebraska

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