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Beirut Muslim neighborhood

Lebanon Relief Efforts

Sun, 30 Jul 2006

Relief efforts are in full swing. The Lebanese Church is supplying necessities for displaced people, mainly those staying in schools. Teams from the church go out with loaded vans to schools and other places to provide food supplies and medicine. The vast majority of these people are Shiite Muslims from southern Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut. They are now staying in Christian areas where it is safer and far from the heavy bombs that hit their areas. We give out New Testaments. People are receiving them with amazement, saying that it was their first time to see one.

Heavenly Father open eyes to see Your love manifested in the generous gifts from the Christians in Lebanon and the world. Open eyes and minds to read and understand Your Word. Open ears to hear Your Good News.

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Sat, 5 Aug 2006

Are you in Lebanon? I know that you wanted to study Arabic there, but I didn't know if you actually got there. I am praying for you both. Susan

No, we aren't in Lebanon. Our trip was cancelled for various reasons. Mike

Fri, 4 Aug 2006

Praise the Lord for all that the Lord is doing in Lebanon with the Lebanese church. The news on the TV is not good. Seems to be getting worse not better. We will continue to keep praying for all the people that are getting New Testaments that the Lord will open their eyes to His truth. God Bless you all, Tim & Kim

Wed, 2 Aug 2006

This was so very interesting! In the midst of bad, God does good by putting people in Christian areas & handing out Bibles!!! Thank you for sharing that Mike. The whole world seems to be at war. We live in perlious times - COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS! Do keep safe & may God give you courage to press on in the heat of the moment. Hug Sue for me. Blessings, Linda

Tue, 1 Aug 2006

Praise the Lord for this report. We have been praying earnestly for Lebanon and you folks and your interest in the people there. How we wish everyone could know the Prince of Peace!! Someday it will be that way and we'll all live together in peace and harmony. Lord hasten the day.

Mon, 31 Jul 2006

I marvel at you families who are out there in the line of fire. God bless you! Diane

I haven't replied to your e-mails til now but want you to know how much we apprecitate your communications with us and we do pray diligently for you. Our hearts are with the Lebanese Christians and we pray much for them. Ken and Janet

Praise Jesus! that during this time of struggle that the people are accepting the word of God. I pray that they will be unable to put it down that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the truth and they will hunger and thirst after him and his gift of eternal life. Father in heaven draw them to you in Jesus name amen. God bless, Tammy

Sat 7 Christian SatTV

Live from Beirut

Thu, 27 Jul 2006

An Arab-world Christian satellite television station struggles to operate from Lebanon by Naji Daoud, SAT-7 Lebanon bureau acting director

Ten billion dollars in estimated losses, one third of the country's infrastructure reported completely destroyed, hundreds of casualties, 750,000 displaced Lebanese, hundreds of families without refuge sleeping in open air areas. This is but a brief description of the situation in Lebanon after 14 days of fierce bombing, which has destroyed what reconstructed after the end of civil war 15 years ago. Unfortunately, we are now seeing our dream of a beautiful Lebanon fading away, with little chance that it will ever come true.

Naturally this situation has affected our operation in the SAT-7 Lebanon Bureau. SAT-7 is the ten-year-old Christian satellite television station broadcasting throughout the Middle East. Due to the fighting, our staff morale is very low. In spite of all of this, most of our staff are still coming regularly to the office, even if they carry worried thoughts and distracted minds.

Heavenly Father, help Sat-7 to stay on the air. Bless their staff with protection and peace even during the war.

Read the rest of this Christianity Today article.

Girl in rasberry tree in Toura, May 2002

Radwan and his family safe today

Tue, 25 Jul 2006

God is answering your prayers for the safety of our friends in Lebanon. We need to pray often for people there and in Israel. These are frightening days in the Middle East. Several of our friend's homes are destroyed. Toura, where I visited in 2002, has some damage, even though it is not a Hezbollah community. You can pray for our friends in Toura by name.

Dear Heavenly Father, bring lasting peace to the Middle East. Give the gift of faith in You to these people suffering under reckless political leaders. Protect your children. Give wisdom and finances to our C&MA Church in Lebanon, providing loving relief to the homeless families.

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Fri, 28 Jul 2006

Thanks for the update, Mike. I am glad Radwan is safe, and I continue to pray and work for peace. Wish I could do more to bring it. Andy B

Wed, 26 Jul 2006

We will keep praying for the Middle East situation and that God will work mightily through it.
Lynne in Omaha

So sorry that these bombings are happening. We are praying for peace. I went thru the slide show and prayed for each person pictured.
Blessings to your family from us! Mike in Florida

Tue, 25 Jul 2006

I went thru your pictures- they are interesting. It is frightening what is going on in much of our world, esp. the Middle East.
Love, Fae in Greenville, South Carolina

I agree---more prayer is needed on all fronts!
Charlotte in Louisville, Kentucky

Mike and Radwan

Radwan' family feels safe in northern Lebanon

Sat, 22 Jul 2006

I was able to get Radwan on his cell phone this morning. He was driving back to the north, after he said goodbye to relatives leaving on a ship to Cypress. Departures so far include 8,000 Americans, for a total to date of 25,000 people with foreign passports. It is estimated that 150,000 Lebanese have evacuated to Syria.

Dear Heavenly Father, protect all these people travelling from country to country. Protect those who cannot leave their homes, especially in the south.

Out of danger for the moment

Tue, 18 Jul 2006

I was able to get Radwan on his cell phone this afternoon. He was not available all day. I was concerned, because he had fled from the south to the north all day yesterday. The town he is near started getting bombed this morning. By the grace of God, he is far enough from the zone, that they don't hear it.

He didn't sleep to well last night, because of the stress of the drive yesterday. He hopes to get some sleep tonight. His wife and kids thank you for praying them through these difficult days.

Trapped in Lebanon

Mon, 17 Jul 2006

Continue praying for the safety of our friends trapped in Lebanon.

More than 25,000 Lebanese from Cote d'Ivoire are in Lebanon on vacation. Senegal is trying to find a way to get their 15,000 Lebanese back home. The USA estimate is that there are about 25,000 Americans in Lebanon. France has about 17,000 nationals living in Lebanon and at least 4,000 visiting.

dangerous roads

The bombings continue. Radwan and his family, along with thousands of others, are seeking a way to escape the danger zone. Since bridges are destroyed in every direction, it will be difficult, if not impossible to escape.

It seems the only solution is for a higher power than Israel to call for peace. Pray that God would motivate the G8 countries, including the USA to call for an end to the bombing of civilian areas.

Dear Lord protect your followers in Lebanon. Use this war to bring many to salvation in Jesus Christ. Protect the civilians from the ravages of this war. Guide Radwan and his family safely back to Abidjan.

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Tue, 18 Jul 2006

I will print this and give it to Alliance Women @ Gretna Community Church. Know that we will be praying for all these friends and for peace and for you too. Thanks for keeping us updated. God Bless you all and keep you in His loving hands. Joyce in Gretna, Nebraska

Mon, 17 Jul 2006

We pray for God's protection on the many vacationers and civilians. God truly is the ONE who can bring about some form of resolution there.
Praying for your family too, Ken and Lynda in Omaha, Nebraska

Praying with you for your friends, and for Lebanon and Israel and God's kingdom to be expanded through all this. Mike and Karen in Florida

This whole thing is so heartbreaking. Maybe the end is nearer than we think! Lynne

We are praying for you and for the people in Lebanon. The reports are not good and it just seems the Lord's appearing is nearer and nearer. Praying for the people of Israel too that they might see the nearness of Jesus' return. Jeannie

Ramon and Maria Sanchez

Study in Lebanon and Sanchez visit

Tue, 11 Jul 2006

Partners are asking about our plans to study in Lebanon. That trip is on hold. Since April, we have been expecting Ramon and Maria Sanchez to come for prayer and visits to our friends. For various reasons, including their daughter's back surgery, Ramon's father's illness, and a ministry trip to Brazil, they were forced to delay their arrival. When they were here for prayer and visits last November, 12 friends asked Jesus to write their names in His Book of Life.

Dear Father in heaven, work out all the details for Ramon and Maria to arrive in Abidjan.

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Wed, 12 Jul 2006

Amen to that prayer. I just visited two relatives who had been saved and I didn't know it. Praying for them for years.

So glad to hear from you; we will pray for the coming of Ramon and Maria. Also, your study of Lebanese language.
Much love from Art W. in Omaha, Nebraska

Tue, 11 Jul 2006

God must have a reason for the delay of Ramon and Maria's visit. In the meantime, you are busily carrying on the Lord's work, learning Arabic, and glorifying His Name! God Bless you!
Love and Prayers, Dorothy

Josh Christmas 2005

God is calling me to be...

Tue, 04 Jul 2006

Josh said, "I think God is calling me to be a monster truck driver." I asked him if that was all he would do. He replied, "No, I'm still going to be a jet fighter pilot too." We are grateful that God has called you to be on our prayer team! As we celebrate our USA Independence Day, we also want to celebrate our dependence on you and your prayers for us. Daily, we experience the dynamic power of your prayers for us. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for us weekly or daily.

Dear Heavenly Father, bless our prayer partners richly. Give them health. Draw their families closer together. Give them joy each day.

Check out our prayer tools, including our blogs and photo gallery, to help you pray. See photos of John in Iraq.

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Fri, 7 Jul 2006

We appreciate hearing from you regularly add pray for you almost daily.
Wesley and Marjorie in Wauneta, Nebraska

Thu, 6 Jul 2006

We do pray for you all nearly daily. Our prayers would be nothing except that they are directed to our Awesome God Who loves every one on earth!
Vern and Inez in Omaha, Nebraska

Tue, 04 Jul 2006

Good to hear from you. Always appreciate your updates. Just viewed your pictures again. God bless you on this 4th of July day. I thank God for your service to Him.
Arlie and Nancy

I can't resist replying to this. When our daughter Rachel was a young teenager she was going to be President of the U.S., a jockey (horse) and on the weekends an interior decorator. She's a nurse, married with two teenagers of her own. Thanks for the updates.
We continue to pray for you. Fern (from the Rosemont Alliance Church in Lincoln, Nebraska)

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