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Wed, 14 Mar 2007

It is so exciting to see many people, young and old, say that to God. A number have also put their faith in Christ during the first week of our tour in South Carolina. What a joy! It was difficult to go to sleep that evening, after seeing many put their faith in Jesus.

Joshua is thrilled as well. Today, he's out riding go karts in a field with another home school kid. This afternoon all the home school kids are getting together for a picnic.

Heavenly Father, continue opening hearts to your Son, Jesus. Bear much fruit in these folks, young and old, as they trust in you for their salvation and future ministry opportunities.

They don't have many taxis here!

Wed, 07 Mar 2007

Thanks for your prayers. We made it safely to the USA. Sue is down in Savannah, Georgia. Joshua and I are in High Point, North Carolina. We walked about eight miles round trip to a Pizza Hut for lunch. On the way, Joshua must have been hoping to catch a taxi, like we would in Abidjan. We only saw one taxi the whole day. We were so cold walking that we stopped at a gas station to buy stocking caps! What Joshua enjoyed most was that we stopped on the way home from lunch at a driving range to hit a bucket of balls. He loved that! Then we walked another two miles for supper at McDonald's.

Heavenly Father, give Mike, Sue and Joshua a great tour, sharing Your work in Abidjan. Keep them healthy, motivated and encouraged as they share in about three churches a week.

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