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Youssef thanks you for praying

Tue, 30 Oct 2007

Youssef is still in Abidjan. He might fly out tomorrow night. The doctor in Ghana said he must come right away. So he might go Friday, if tomorrow doesn't work out. I prayed for another Lebanese in hospital with cancer on Saturday. Rabiya can barely move, with cancer in his kidney and coming out from his arms and head. He wants to go to Burkina Faso to see his 85 year old mother and brother before he dies.

Heavenly Father, help these two men to trust in You for salvation and to travel safely this week. Give the doctors wisdom in Ghana. Strengthen Rabiya to survive the flight or drive to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

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Wed, 31 Oct 2007

Hi Mike - so sorry to hear about your friends going thru these ordeals without the Great Physician to comfort them. Give Sue a hug for me. Thanks for your updates. Linda

Today is Halloween-our family has chosen not to celebrate and my daughter's school still has a 1/2 day celebration. We take her out but it's still hard for her. She understands why but at 10y/o.... Praying for you---Lisa

God is able...He can do anything...i will also pray that he will be able to see his mother and brother...i pray that God will touch these two men with his healing hands and bring new life into their bodies as well as their souls...linda

Tue, 30 Oct 2007

We are praying for Youssef and Rabiya for spiritual and physical healing. May our Lord richly bless you two as you continue in ministry. These contacts are what our mission is all about. We love you and pray for you daily. Larry and Deanna

Please tell these two precious men that we are praying here in America for them. How traumatic for everyone concerned. But, God gives each of us windows of opportunity in our lives to reconcile with Him and I praise Him that He is giving this opportunity to these two men. May they realize God's grace in their lives. Love, Peggy

Youssef asks for more prayer

Tue, 23 Oct 2007

Youssef hopes to fly to Ghana Saturday to visit an international worker doctor there. The doctor plans to remove some of the lung cancer through a tube down Youssef's throat. He appreciates your prayers for him. Some of his symptoms are getting better. He is no longer coughing blood.

Heavenly Father, we trust You for Youssef's physical and spiritual healing. Give him faith to move the ragged mountains in his life.

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Tue, 23 Oct 2007

Lord, thank you for blessing Youssef with your plans. He is in the Palm of Your hand. Bless all around him including the Dr's. and His family. Amen. Bless Mike and his family and sustain them with Your grace and mercy. Amen. Leslie

I'll pray for Youssef daily until you say not to. Chip

Please tell Youssef that Carol in Lancaster, Pa. is paying for him. Please keep us posted. Carol

Please pass the word on to Youssef that I am praying for him and tell him to remember that the lady just touched the hem of his garment and was healed. I daily hang on to the Hem of His garment as I deal with physical pain in my legs. God's healing took me out of a wheelchair and put me running for Him. He continually heals me more each day. Always hang on to that hem for God is closer to a brother and knows we are hanging on. All my love you you, Sue, and the family and to Youssef and his family as well. Pastor Donna

Please assure Youssef of our prayers on his behalf. We pray for him at every public gathering of the church family. We will continue to do so as you keep us informed. God bless you as you continue in ministry. We love you! Larry and Deanna

Thanks for letting us know how we can pray for Youssef! Love, Marg

Please tell Youssef that we are praying for his full recovery. People around the world care but most of all our heavenly father cares and will answer our prayers. Heaven Rules, Sandy, White Sulphur Springs, MT. USA

Pray for healing

Tue, 16 Oct 2007

Youssef got some real bad news last week. He was having trouble and went in for a physical. The doctors found borderline diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer in his left lung. The cancer appears to be from an accidental radiation exposure when he was repairing an x-ray machine two years ago. He is in his 40s with two children.

Heavenly Father, we ask You to remove this inoperable cancer from Youssef. Encourage him as he claims to trust in You alone for salvation. Give Him great insight and comfort as he studies Your Word.

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Wed, 17 Oct 2007

We prayed for Youssef this morning and we will keep him in our prayers. A pastors wife I talked to on Sunday has had cancer in three spots and she told me that she eats a lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables, some fish and no sugar or white bread. She has not had any radiation or chemo and the tumor on her back has shrunk form about 6 inches down to the size of a pea. Maybe Youssef could try that and we will pray. Kim

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for Youssef. is this the man of God that is on tv ? I am going to keep him in prayer. please let me know the reports as you follow the results. I rebuke the devour and curse that desease in the mighty name of Jesus and I plead the word of healing in his body mind and soul-in Jesus name. amen amen and amen!

Tue, 16 Oct 2007

I'm sending this request to the Prayer Community of the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. The Lord has been doing some wonderful things through those folk. I'll try and keep you updated on their responses to pray. In Christ, Bob

I stand in agreement on this prayer for healing. I know God heals as three years ago, I was in a wheel chair and now I walk, run, and dance. Pastor Donna

Thank you, Mike. I am praying for Youssef and his family. May our great God show Himself powerful in Youssef's great time of need! In Jesus' Name. Amen. Susie

Islam Moon and Star

The Night of Power

Tue, 9 Oct 2007

Laylat al-Qadr (The Night of Power) is on one of the odd last ten nights of Ramadan (19,21,23,25,27,29). It is considered the holiest night of Ramadan. The Night of Power marks the date of the revelation of the first verses of the Qur'an to the Prophet Muhammad. It is believed by some Muslims that if one offers voluntary worship on that night, all past sins are forgiven.

Dear Jesus use dreams and visions to reveal Your power as the only Savior of the world to those who are seeking forgiveness. Forgive their sins as they trust in You.

Learn more about the Night of Power and what Muslims believe.

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Thu, 11 Oct 2007

Thank you for informing us about all the different holidays and festivals the Muslims have and what they are about. It is good to know. We pray you have many open doors at this time. God Bless you, Tim & Kim

Wed, 10 Oct 2007

Love your updates Mike. Thank You Jesus, for dying for my sins. God in the flesh taking my place. Bless your heart Mike. May you all be richly blessed as you are the tool of God to these people. Linda

Hi! I've been praying for visions and dreams, especially when I go by the Islamic Center which has been alot in the last week. Rhonda

We will be praying for you tonight - at prayer meeting. Wendell

Praying HIS TRUTH will open hearts, Charlotte

Tue, 9 Oct 2007

I'm so glad I've already had my past sins forgiven. Keep the faith! Lynne

Sue's Bible studies

Tue, 02 Oct 2007

Sue is praising God for two Bible studies. Three weeks ago she started attending a Bible study with about 5 other international worker women. It is very encouraging for Sue to study with these young international workers. Today was her first time to study with Nadine, a young Lebanese woman. It worked out well for them to read a devotional together in French.

Praise You Heavenly Father for giving Sue this strong desire of her heart. Make it possible for these two studies to continue every week.

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Wed, 3 Oct 2007

Lord thank you for the open doors you have given to Sue. Please keep the path open like a flood gate and let her make many relationships that will lead to Your kingdom. God is good ALL the time.... Blessings, Kim

Tue, 02 Oct 2007

Please send me your monthly updates. I would appreciate getting them and keeping our folks informed as to how to pray for you and Sue, your family and ministry. Blessings, Paul

We share your regular updates with the church family. Praise the Lord for the Bible Studies! Good News! Larry

I'm glad that Sue has other international worker women with whom to fellowship. Alex

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