Thursday, February 21, 2008

Claimed healing for my back

Thank you for sending us your prayer requests. We are honored to get them, and to pray for you and others.

Praise God Fauzi's back is better!

When I, Nellie, read your e-mail, I was so thankful as I read the first line of it..."Do we need to pray for your back too?" I said 'yes' outloud and claimed healing for my back that had some of the same symptoms that Fauzi had. I shared this with my Pastor at our International Conference where we were having our International Dinner with the Grace Alliance Church in Lexington, just as we did when you were here last year. This morning my neck, back, hip and leg are almost well. I am going to ask for anointing at our time at church tonight!

Thank you for taking time to pray for others back here. God says He will not forget your labor of love; I believe that means every aspect of your ministry. God bless, protect, encourage, and give you His strength as you and your family continue to work for him. Nellie and Ken

Send us your questions advice, comments or prayer requests!

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