Monday, March 24, 2008

Home from Tunisia, on to Senegal

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

We had a great time exploring Arabic language study options in Tunisia. We were also able to visit what Tunisia claims is the fourth most holy city in Islam. It is also the location of an excellent Arabic study program. In a couple hours, we head to the airport to fly to Senegal for their Field Forum. It will be an encouraging time of recharging our batteries, with great fellowship and a guest speaker from a C&MA church in Florida. We will also follow-up with our Lebanese and Senegalese friends there in Dakar.

Heavenly Father, continue to strengthen Mike, Sue and Joshua for their further travels. Encourage and strengthen them during the next ten days in Senegal.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Road in North Africa

We're out of Abidjan since Sunday evening. We are in North Africa, looking for some alternate Arabic language study opportunities. Our tutor in Abidjan started at the university a couple of years ago. We've been unable to find a good teacher to take her place. Our various other teachers don't know Arabic grammar well enough to answer our questions.

Heavenly Father, help Mike and Sue
to find a great course where they can study Arabic. Protect them and keep them healthy while they travel.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nishikant Mane

Nishikant Mane and Mike
Nishikant worked in Abidjan for about a year. He was a bookkeeper for a rice company. We became "Saturday friends." Every Saturday, while Sue was at tennis with Joshua, we'd get together for tea and coffee at Cap Sud. I loaned him several books to read and gave him the Bible in MP3. He really enjoyed my A. W. Tozer books. Today Nishikant flew home to India.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lebanese Muslims Mourning

CNN News Photo

When a Lebanese Muslim dies, they are normally buried within 24 hours, with their head facing towards Mecca.

The day of their death begins several periods of mourning.
  • Their spouses and immediate family begin a one year mourning period. During this time they wear only black.
  • Relatives beyond the immediate family set aside 40 days for mourning.
  • Friends often observe 7 days of mourning.
  • There is often a country-wide 3 day mourning period for important personalities or government officials. The outward sign of mourning is to wear only black.
  • The Qur'an prohibits widows to engage themselves in a new marriage for 4 lunar months and 10 days, after the death of their husbands.
Heavenly Father, help Mike and Sue to share Your love and compassion with those who are mourning. Give them wisdom and grace as they serve You in Abidjan.

Send us your questions advice, comments or prayer requests!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Where have you been, I missed you!

On my way home from visiting Lebanese today, several police pulled me over. When one came to my window I said, "Where have you been? I missed you! We're afraid to go out when you aren't here on the side of our roads."

He responded, "We're back now!" There were four of them, so I gave him four Scripture Gospel booklets titled How to Know God by WMPress with Scriptures about salvation in Jesus Christ.

Send us your questions advice, comments or prayer requests!

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