Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painting in a Parachute by Sarah Johnson

I am truly grateful for God bringing the breeze, to my horror, my $3.99 floral print skirt from the Salvation Army, thought it would be fun to see how it could fly in the breeze. It was ridiculous trying to hold my skirt down and at the same time paint with a roller. Fortunately the skirt liked to watch itself puff up rather than reveal anything inappropriate. I won't be wearing it tomorrow! Another favorite part today was meeting students and kids in the hallways. I met a young lady named Nina, who came out and thanked me and introduced herself in English. I introduced myself in French and we had a good laugh. Sadly, though that is all the French I knew and all the English she knew so the conversation ended there. I loved trying and the victory in connecting in the small conversation we had!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Christ Community Church College Team

A work team of college students, including our son John, and their pastor from Christ Community Church in Omaha, NE is serving with us in Cote d'Ivoire from May 16-30. The first week, they will be painting at the C&MA West African Theological Seminary. The second week they will be repairing and painting the Modeste village C&MA Bambara Church facility and building 30 benches. The team will also be building bridges of love to the 127 orphans living at the Grand Bassam Girls Orphanage.

Saturday night, May 24th, the team will be participating in an evangelistic meeting, showing the Jesus Film. On several nights, they will also be showing fun and evangelistic films for the children at the orphanage. For more details and photos, visit the team blog at


Friday, May 9, 2008

Sue robbed at traffic light

Sue was stopped in traffic at a large intersection, when a man who appeared to be a beggar with a wounded arm, forced open the driver side rear section of the convertible top of her Suzuki Samurai. It was pouring down rain. The assailant was wearing a bandage wrapped around his entire right arm.

She screamed and honked her horn as he crawled into her car. No one helped her. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse to call me. Then the light turned green. She tried to escape, while he continued to climb into her car. He was able to enter and jumped into the front seat, as she crossed the intersection. Continuing to scream at him, she stopped around the corner and shoved the tall man out of her car.

She was so shook up that she was unable to call me on her phone. She drove straight home. Then she saw her purse was gone. She told Joshua and his French tutor to call me. I drove directly to the scene of the crime. The police were already there for another robbery, maybe even the same thief. They explained to me that the bandage was probably concealing a steel bar used to bust open car windows to steal purses. They left to search for the thief.

I couldn't get Sue to answer our house phone. I assumed her cell phone was stolen with her purse. So I drove home. Sue, Joshua and the tutor were gone.

She left with them to search for the thief and her favorite purse! They found witnesses who saw the man with her purse, but they didn't find the thief.

Heavenly Father, give Sue peace after this traumatic event. Help her to sleep and feel Your protection. Deliver the Farhos from danger. In Jesus Name! Amen.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pray for healing

Fauzi thanks you for your prayers about his twisted intestine. After you started praying, he got better. He's already back to work!

I, Mike, need your prayers too.When we were in Senegal last month, I injured my right foot and my ears started ringing (tinnitus). We thought my tinnitus could be related to a medication, so I quit all medications and even vitamins. That hasn't make any difference. My foot is still sore and stiff in the morning or when I get up after sitting for a while.

Heavenly Father, in Your grace, heal Mike of these two annoying ailments. Encourage the team from Omaha, serving in Abidjan May 16-30, as they raise their support.

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