Saturday, March 20, 2010

Starting Spoken Arabic School

Sousse Medina image via Wikipedia

We are grateful to God for our new language study option. The director and founder of a local private school is learning the method we use to learn spoken Arabic. I, Mike, had my first class with him today. He did an excellent job. Once he learns to use the method, he will train Tunisians to be language helpers at his school. Sue and Joshua are excited to move on to a higher level in their Arabic studies.

Heavenly Father, help this school to use this method to teach many to speak Arabic. Give the director much good fruit for his labors and Your glory. Give the Farhos and the other homeschool families a great day at the Friguia Animal Park tomorrow.

Would you like to come to Sousse for a one to four week intensive course in Tunisian Arabic? Let us know! We'll help you line up all you need.


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