Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Such great people!

Someone asked me, as they were leaving church Sunday, "How do you get such great people to serve with you at the Sousse Church? The praise and worship team and hospitality folks are all wonderful!" We are so happy to have people who love Jesus and live in Sousse, serve Him at the Sousse Church. Pray that God would provide even more gifted people with a servant's heart to do the work of the ministry in His Church.

Heavenly Father, use my gifts for Your glory right here in my community. Make my church and the Sousse Church to be salt and light in our cities. Encourage many to attend our churches for Easter services.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

We wonder, what is your favorite Christmas Carol? Would you be so kind as to post a comment and tell us? Sue's favorite is Do You know What I Know? My favorite is Mary, Did You Know?

We'll share the results of this un-scientific poll Christmas Eve at our Carol Service. It is the major event of the year at the Sousse Church. We're trusting God for a capacity crowd worshipping Jesus Christ with us.

Heavenly Father, draw many to worship You at the Sousse Church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. May Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory.

Thank you for your love and prayers. May God grant you a joyful Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enjoyed the Ambassadors' Homes

The Mediterranean Sea.
They both had very beautiful homes, but in very different ways. These two photos were taken from the driveway of the US ambassador's home. It was fun to get to know the other USA, UK and Canadian wardens this evening. We were also blessed to enjoy their beautiful homes. Each was unique and breathtaking.

Carthage at sunset.
We were also able to share invitations to our Christmas services in Sousse with some of the travel agency representatives present at the meetings. The wife of the Anglican bishop came and invited us for lunch. I've been looking forward to meeting them.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonder and beauty of Your creation. Open hearts and minds to trust in Jesus, our beautiful Savior, during this season of Advent.

Send us your questions advice, comments or prayer requests!
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