Saturday, March 6, 2010

Joshua's First Violin Lesson

 Joshua, playing his violin for the first time.

It was fun to go for his lesson. A family has a music school in their home. The three year old was quite entertaining, while his mom was on Skype and his dad was teaching Joshua. When the Dad was playing Joshua's violin, Josh said, "I like the Russian violin music the best." On the way home, he said, "Dad, tell everybody I was smiling and skipping my way home from my first violin lesson!"

Heavenly Father, use these new classes as an opportunity for Joshua, Mike and Sue to be Salt and Light in Tunisia. Give Joshua a fun time at his new karate class tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Driving to Tunis Twice

It will be a quick day trip Wednesday to visit the main duty office. It could be possible for us to purchase a car without paying import duty. It make a tremendous difference in the price. For example, a new 4x4 Toyota 4 door pickup with duty is $48,000 or $26,000 without duty. We are seeking God's will about the real need for a vehicle. Now, we take public transportation or rent a car when we can't walk. We also have two visitors coming this weekend from Omaha's Christ Community Church.

Heavenly Father, give Mike and his friends safe travels. Give grace in the eyes and hearts of the duty agents, to give the Farhos permission to purchase a duty-free vehicle.

Grateful for your partnership in prayer,
Mike and Sue Farho

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding friends in Sousse

We prayed that Sue would find a gym, where she could exercise with other women. During our evening walk Sunday night, we happened upon a small gym three blocks from our house. Sue joined there today. It would be very encouraging for Sue to become friends with the neighborhood women at the gym. Joshua also played soccer this week with some new friends on our street.

Heavenly Father, thank You for providing a gym near the Farho's house. Help Sue to find a good friend there. Continue to heal Mike's sprained ankle. Give wisdom as he purchases a moped or scooter soon.

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