Pretoria Agreement on the Peace Process in the Côte d'lvoire

Date: 06 Apr 2005

At the invitation of the Mediator of the African Union, His Excellency Mr Thabo Mbeki, President of the Republic of South Africa, a meeting of the Ivorian political leaders was held in Pretoria from 3 to 6 April 2005. His Excellency Mr Laurent Gbagbo, President of the Republic of Côte d'lvoire, Prime Minister Seydou Diarra representing the Government of National Reconciliation, former President Henri Konan Bedie, representing the Parti Democratique de Côte d'lvoire (PDCI), former Prime Minister Alassane Dramane Ouattara, representing the Rassemblement de Republicans (RDR) and Minister of State Guillaume Soro, Secretary General of the New Forces participated in this meeting. The meeting was chaired by President Mbeki.

The leaders reviewed the current situation in Côte d'lvoire and took a number of decisions relating to outstanding issues on the implementation of the Linas-Marcoussis and Accra II and III Agreements. The Ivorian leaders reaffirmed:

- their commitment to the Linas-Marcoussis, Accra II and III Agreements;

- their commitment to the roadmap elaborated by the AU Mediator;

- their commitment to all the resolutions of the United Nations on Côte d'lvoire;

- their commitment to respecting the sovereignty, independence, integrity and unity of the Côte d'lvoire;

- their determination regarding the need to organise presidential elections in October 2005 and legislative elections that follow immediately thereafter;

- their sincere and joint willingness to create a political climate that is conducive to acquiring lasting peace rapidly;

The meeting reemphasised its appreciation of the importance of the resolution of the Ivorian crisis in the interest of the Ivorian people, the West African region and, Africa as a whole.

Joint declaration of the end of the War

The Ivorian parties that are signatories to the Pretoria Agreement hereby solemnly declare the immediate and final cessation of all hostilities and the end of the war throughout the national territory. In this regard, they unequivocally repudiate the use of force as a means to resolve differences amongst themselves. They acknowledged that the war has brought untold misery and suffering upon the Ivorian people. The war has also led to a serious decline of the economy of the Côte d'lvoire with negative consequence for the West-African region. The Ivorian leaders hereby reaffirm the sacred right of the Ivorian people to peace and development.

The Mediator reiterated his disapproval and condemnation of the ceasefire violations on November 4-6 , 2004, and on February 28, 2005; as well as the violence of 6 9 November 2004 and calls on all parties and Ivorian people in general, to work together to prevent incidences of violence and war.

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